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Cute Hero - Personal Dacing & Singing Robot Companion with Bluetooth and Built in 32gb Memory

Item Code: HP097-0001
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Hello! I'm Cute Hero. I'm a flexible mini digital robot. I can dance for you, Sing, Tell stories and poetry. I can Learn to accompany you, we will be very happy together!

Cute Hero is avaialable in two colors with a cute appearance, beautiful and moving facial features. Cute hats. Handsome feet. My little master today I am yours!

Cute Hero was produced in June 2018. Our special features are not easy to imitate. We are looking for good dealers, and we attach great importance to the integration of production and sales of this product.

We are looking for retailers who will adhear to strict market pricing to ensure good margins for all. Failing to adhere to market prices will result in the ceasing of busines, please note.

Packing Details:
Product Name: Cute Hero
Product colors: Yellow or Blue
Product Size: Length 84.3 x width 89 x Height 123mm
Packing size: length 16.75 x width 12.5 x height 18.3cm
Carton box specifications: Length 69 x width 27.5 x height 58CM
Packing quantity: 24 two-color mixing
Gross weight: 11.8kg Net weight: 10kg

Parameter Configuration:
(1) Digital Silicone 4*4.9g Servo
(2) AC1814A1E709-584IC chip double-sided board
(3) Polymer lithium battery core. Double protection. 750 mAh 3.7V high all-way battery
(4) Built-in storage 32GB memory card
(5) Three-dimensional surround high-intensity magnetic, 3D.4O. speakers
(6) Voice-activated aluminum alloy receiving microphone head
(7) Three light dual-color independent electric board ears lamp beads. double lamp red cheek fog lamp beads
(8) Chargetime 90 minutes, use 3-4 hours

(1), boot infrared remote control. Forward. Back. Turn left. Turn right. Next. Previous song. Next function key. Demo. Short press pause music, press and hold for 3 seconds to stop the dance, Return to continue to operate all functions.
(2), boot prompt Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connection can choose to play songs in various modes, Tang poems, children's songs, storytelling, etc...
(3) It has a special dance posture and expression. It twists up and down more than 3,000 sets of miniature movements and can walk around 360 degrees.
(4), Cute Hero has interactive features, applause, vocal or external music he will jump out of all kinds of dance, intellectual companion fun!
(5), Cute Hero's full-wizard intelligence is accompanied by more than 3-4 hours of time. There are static sounding hints, low-power reminders, and Cute Hero will stop dancing after the low-power prompts.
The song can also be played after 30 minutes.