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GT Power LED Servo Tester

Item Code: HP108-0003
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  • Description
Servo tester with LED from G.T. Power with four servo interface sets, cam test up to four servos at the same time. Using LED digital tube, can monitor the real-time pulse width. Support manual and automatic servo test modes.

•Dual mode - Manual and Auto
•Manual mode: to check servo speed and reaction time
•Automatic mode: drives the servo through its full travel from end-point to end-point (like windscreen wipers)
•1-4 servos may be connected simultaneously
•1-4 ESCs may be connected simultaneously to test and compare their reaction time respectively
•3-digit LED display

•Input voltage: 4.8 - 6V
•Pulse width manual mode: 700 - 2300ms
•Pulse width auto mode: 800 - 2200ms
•Dimensions: 73.5 x 43.5 x 22.5mm
•Weight: 68.9g

Package includes:
•1 x GT Power LED Servo Tester