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Hobby Porter - HP400 Plus 400kg 24v Industrial Water Proof Servo Motor UAV Robotics Machinery

Item Code: HP112-0031
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  • Description
Hobbyporter HP200 Plus Large industrial application Servo.

The external dimensions of the servo are exactly the same as the popular Japanese Seiko industrial servo while the weight is slightly lighter. The new HP200 and HP400 are a continent and direct replacement for the original Seiko servo and offer improved the internal structure.

For the control and drive circuit hardware of the HP200 and HP400 servos we use current mainstream components. The calculation speed is faster and the volume is smaller. We use a contactless Hall sensor for the position sensor (the Seiko servo uses a rotary potentiometer). HP200 and HP400 offer higher resolution, no wear, longer life and more reliability. We have added heat sinks to the servo motor drive tubes. The heat sinks are connected to the aluminum housing of the servo, which has better heat dissipation effect and increases the reliability when the servo is locked.

The drive and control software for the HP200 and HP400 was developed in house by our own engineers utilizing a PI algorithm. The neutral point of the servo will not drift when the servo is under load or unloaded. The mechanical components of the HP200 and HP400 are also different from Japanese Seiko product. The copper and plastic composite gears used by Seiko have compatibly less reliability in low temperature conditions. Our first-level teeth use metal powder metallurgy teeth, the second-level gears use steel-plastic composite teeth, which makes the noise lower, and the third-level uses powder metallurgy self-lubricating gears. The steel rolling gears used in the fourth and fifth gears are surface carburized and quenched, which improves the durability and impact resistance of the gears. The overall speed change structure is more reasonable than Japan Seiko.

We use a similar output plate to the Seiko servo however our tolerance band is improved and designed to allow for a more precise assembly process. This helps avoid situations where the tolerances are insufficient when using Seiko servos. We have helped many clients transition to from Seiko servos to our products and received very positive feedback.

In response to the criticism of slow speed with Seiko servos we have sourced a quality motor from a reliable and professional motor factory. The motor uses high temperature resistant enamel wire, imported brushes and commutators. These lead to improvements in the motors overload resistance and have been thoroughly tested and optimized for improved speed and efficiency

The waterproof performance of the HP200 and HP400 is IP67 level, and the low temperature resistance of the lubricating oil used in the gearbox reaches -30 degrees.

Model: HP400 Plus
Input Voltage: 24v (Powered by batter is recommended)
No Load Speed:  @ 24v ~75s/60 deg
Maximum Load: 400kg.cm
Typical Load: 140kg.cm
No Load Current: <0.15A
Stall Current: <14A
Input Signal: PWM: 800us~2200us, 50~400Hz
Operation Range: ±30deg ~ ±150deg
Net Weight: 765g

Robotic and Industrial servo OEM & ODM services available. We are confident we can make any type of servo to suit any application. Our engineering team are up to the challenge and looking forward to building a servo to suit your needs.

We can build servos with features like these and more!
Torque ranging from 2kg*cm to 700kg*cm
Travel speeds from 0.03s to 0.5s
Travel angles: from 40deg to 360deg
Communication protocols such as TTL. RS232, i2C, RS485 or PWM
Servo positioning and current feedback
Gear materials from plastics to titanium
Voltage ranges are also customizable from 4.8v to 28v
Size, Shape and design can be customized to your needs
A variety or motor options such as brushed, coreless & brushless
We can offer Potentiometer or magnetic induction control

Potential Applications.
1. Electric lock (anti-heft door lock servo)
2. Luggage case lock servo
3. Washing machine safety mechanism servo
4. Water/gas valve control Servo
5. Smart lamp Switch Servo
6. Camera gimbal control servo
7. UAV heavy duty servo
8. Servo Release Servo Drop
9. Curtain Servo
10. Automatic Perfume and liquids Sprayer Servo
11. Smart bike gear change servo
12. Electric car mirror servo
13. Car seat adjustment servo
14. Car window winding servo
15. Medical equipment servo
16. safety lock servo
17. Robot servo
18. Wheel servo
19. Robot arm servo