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Hobby Porter Super 500 High Torque Metal Robot Servo 12 to 24V 500kg UAV Education Industrial Motor

Item Code: HP112-0005
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  • Description

Hobby Porter SUPER 500 High Torque Metal Robot Servo 12 24V 500kg.cm UAV Education Industrial Motor

The 300KG/500KG.CM Torque ratings are measure at 1cm from the spline axis. The servos are driven by digital circuits which are responsive and have a large stroke. These servos are perfectly compatible with most remote-control system on the market today. The exclusive power stabilization technology ensures that the servos continue to work reliably. If the servos become overloaded the overload protection will prevent damage allowing the load to be removed and the servo to continue normal operation again. This circuit can stably control the servo to work in the safe torque ranges. 


The servo control board does away with the traditional method of detecting the position of the rotating shaft with potentiometer and uses imported original magnetic encoders providing precision position feedback. Non-contact detection offers longer service life, no mechanical wear and no failures from dust or oil build up. Supports PWM pulse 1-2MS signal control is the standard servo control signal, analogue voltage signal control 0-5V, has normal servo function, also has 360 degree working mode optional, can control the speed of steering gear. This servo has its own BEC5V output and can directly supply power to the receiver.

-- Power input: 12V-24V DC (V- connects with the cathode, V+ connect selectable operating modes, you can control the speed of servo speed. with the anode)
-- Maximum torque: 500KG.CM (24V) (actual, non theoretical value)
-- Angular velocity: 0.5S/60 degrees (60 degrees 0.5S), 24V
-- The rotation angle: 300 degrees MAX, mean maximum stroke of 300 degrees (0 to 300 degrees adjustable electronic limit)
-- Input mode: pulse signal (remote control, multi-channel servo controller, MCU) or analog voltage signal (potentiometer)

Control and interface description:
• Power input: 12V-24V DC (V-connected to the negative pole, V+ connected to the positive pole)
• No-load current: <500MA
• Maximum torque:  300KG/500KG.CM (24V) (measured, not theoretically calculated)
• Angular velocity: 0.5S/60 ° (0.5S for 60 degrees), rotation angle for 24V: 300° MAX, meaning maximum travel 300 degrees (0 to 300° electronic limit adjustable)
• Input mode: pulse signal (remote control, multi-way servo control) Or microcontroller voltage signal (potentiometer)
• Pulse signal input range: 1.0ms-2.0ms
• Analog voltage signal input range: 0V to +5V
• Control and interface description: Motor output (M+, M-): M-connected motor Negative, M+ connected to the motor positive
• Motor speed adjustment input (LD): used to control the steering angle of the steering gear.
• Corner adjustment input (XC): Used to control the range of the steering gear.
• Mode selection (VR): not short-circuit pulse signal PWM 1-2MS input, short-circuit is analogue voltage signal input 0-5V; default
• PWM input servo mode (360): not short-circuit to normal servo, short-circuit is 360 degree servo; default normal servo
• Analog control mode (5V-VR-GND): The angle input signal is analogue, and the potentiometer can be used to control the motor output shaft angular position.
• Digital Control Mode (PW-5V-GND): The input signal is a digital square wave signal with a pulse width of 1ms to 2ms.
• Operating Voltage: DC 12V~24V
• No-load current: <500ma Stall torque: 24V  300Kgf/500Kgf.cm
• Operating Speed: 24V 0.5 Sec/60° at no-load
• Rotation Angle: CW 150°CCW 150°
• Dimension:132 *117*57
• Weight: 670g

Output Shaft:

Package Includes:
1 x SUPER500 servo
1 x metal servo plate