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iCharger DX8 DC 1600W 30A Dual Channel High Power Charger Discharger for LiPo Lilo LiFe LiVH Battery

Item Code: HP116-0015
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iCharger DX8 Dual Channel 1600W 30A High Power Charger Discharge For Lipo Lilo Life LiVh Nizn Battery Charging


Standard configuration: only host, without balance board, input and output lines.

1. Adopt advanced high efficiency synchronous buck boost (synchronous buck boost DC / DC converter) technology, high power, high current and high conversion efficiency. The maximum charging power is 1600W, the maximum charging and discharging current of channel is 30a, and the maximum charging and discharging current of two channel synchronous mode is 50A.

2. Support the balanced charging of 8 strings of Lipo, Lilo, life, LIVH, NiZn and LTO (adopt the unique internal resistance correction balance algorithm and the maximum 2A balance current to ensure the rapid and accurate completion of the balance): support the charging of 1-25 strings of Ni MH and Ni Cd batteries: support the charging of 1-15 strings of lead-acid batteries.

3. Realize the dual channel adjustable digital power supply function (with protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, input undervoltage and input overcurrent).

4. With type-C PD charging port, it is convenient for users to charge mobile phones and tablets.

5. Intelligent fan control. Through the internal temperature sensor,control the speed of the fan.

6. Internal temperature protection. If the internal temperature is greater than the attenuation temperature, the equipment will automatically reduce the output power: if it is greater than the shutdown temperature, it will automatically shut down.

7. This machine can save the parameter settings of 64 batteries and support data import / export SD card.

8. 2.4-inch IPS full view color LCD display. Provide rich information display: current, voltage, electric quantity, power, internal resistance, control status, consumption time, temperature, etc

9. Varied discharge functions: local discharge, Regenerative to input or another channel discharge, and lithium battery extended discharge function.



Input Voltage: 9-49VDC
Max Input Current: 65A ( Channel 45A )
Max Charge / Discharge / DC Power Current: 50A ( Channe 30Ax2 )
Max Charge Power: 1600W ( Channel 1100Wx2 )
Max Discharge Power: 70W ( Channel 45Wx2 )
Max Regenerative Discharge Power: 1600W ( Channel 1100Wx2 )
Max Balancing Current / Cells: 4A ( Channel 2Ax2 ) / 8S
Type-C PD Charging Port: Support 5V / 3A , 9V / 2A , 12V / 1.5A
Battery Chemistry Type: LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiVH, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
Dimensions ( LXWXH ): 97.5X128.5x40mm
Weight: 440g


Package Included:

1x iCharger DX8 Balance Charger