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LefeiRC SN L+ Flight controller with OSD and GPS for Fixed wing aircraft airplane FPV

Item Code: HP200.0001
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  • Description


Brand Name: Lefei 

Item Name: SN-L+ Flight Controller 

Dimension: 38*24*10mm

PMU Output Voltage: 12V/5V

PMU Output Current: 2A(Continuous),3A(Max)

Max. Test Current: 75A

Max. Input Voltage: 26V


- 7-channel PWM output, SBUS/PPM input

- Pixel-level OSD, support SN-AAT

- Support DJI FPV Air Unit

- Support MAVLINK, adapt to open source data transmission and high-definition image transmission

- Tower PMU module, stable and safe, and friendly to install

- Multiple flight modes available

- Support channel multiplexing, throttle differential

- Computer-free parameter adjustment

- Imported capacitors and chips are used to ensure stable power supply for the flight controller and clear images.

- The upper bottom plate can be quickly disassembled to facilitate the replacement of the flight control between different aircraft.

- Using damping pads to softly connect the flight controller and the aircraft.


Package Included:

1x SN-L+ Flight Controller 

1x BN220 GPS

1x Upgrade Module

3x GH1.25 Cable

1x PMU Cable