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LefeiRC Sparrow V2 Flight controller with OSD and GPS for Fixed wing aircraft airplane FPV (Use with DJI Only)

Item Code: HP200.0002
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  • Description
On the basis of the SPARROW FC, SPARROW 2 has updated the operation mode to simplify the user’s use and enhance the operation experience. At the same time, it adds support for a variety of receiver signals, including PWM,PPM, SBUS, and supports D]I-OSD. For 
specific functions and usage, refer to the detailed description below.
Brand Name: Lefei 
Item Name: V2 Sparrow
Receiver Type: PWM/PPM/SBUS
Others accessories: FC,GPD,Screwdriver,Wire(2),Double-sided tape
Protocol: DJI-OSD
Size: 32x27x11mm
Weight: 9.5g
Voltage: 5V
Size: 22x20x7mm
Weight: 6g
Voltage: 5V
Package Included:
1x Lefei V2 Sparrow Flight Controller
1x GPS
1x Cable set & Screw driver