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Matek Systems RGB LED BOARD 5050/16V

Item Code: HP024-0022
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  • Description

The RGB LED Board 5050/16V is designed for the Multi-rotors & FPV Quad-rotors with 4S LiPo power.  It comes with four RGB5050 LEDs & one code switch. Seven colors are selectable by means of code switches. This LED board gives an eye-catching effect to your multirotors or planes when illuminated.


  •  INPUT: 14~17V DC, 4Cells LiPo battery
  •  Size: 47*10mm
  •  Weight: 2g
  •  Packing:  LED BOARD 16V, 1pc,   Cable 0.3m
  • Comes with a 0.3m long cable, users can cut it to a suitable length;
  • Be ware of the positive and negative poles, as well as the insulation;
  • Switch the related codes to ON, seven colors are selectable;
  • The input is in a range of 14~17V DC, can be powered by 4S Lipo battery.
Selectable Colors & Power:
  • B ON =Blue, 0.4W, 25mA
  • R ON =Red, 0.4W, 25mA
  • G ON =Green, 0.4W, 25mA
  • B+R =Megenta, 0.8W, 50mA
  • B+G =Cyan, 0.8W, 50mA
  • R+G =Yellow, 0.8W, 50mA
  • B+R+G =White, 1.2W, 75mA