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NGH GTT70 Horizontally-opposed twin-Cylinder 2- Stroke RC Gasoline Engine

Item Code: HP055-0006
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  • Description
NGH have been known for producing high-quality gasoline engines.GTT70 is a professional-grade two-stroke gasoline engine built by NGH engineers for RC enthusiasts, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance and plenty of power!

GTT70 engine is a horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine derived from GT35 engine. It is equipped with a radial mount, and there is the automatic timing angle capacitor discharge Double-cylinder synchronous ignition system customized for NGH by Rcxel. It has precision forged connecting rod with needle roller bearings, three high-quality deep groove ball bearings are assembled on the crankshaft.The cylinder liner is made of wear-resistant nodular cast iron, the tolerance of the bore in the cylinder is within 0.01mm, and the precision is much higher than the roundness tolerance of the inner hole of the aluminum alloy chrome-plated cylinder liner 0.03mm, aluminum alloy plating chromium cylinder liner in principle does not meet the Eu environmental regulations. The engine intake system adopts the crankshaft intake mode, which is more accurate than the reed valve intake mode in opening and closing time. Because the spring delay of the reed itself is different from the negative pressure of the crankcase, the intake time is not accurate. Optional surround exhaust pipe can effectively improve and reduce noise, and it is deeply high praised by European and American RC enthusiasts.

GTT70 is suitable for RC aircraft with takeoff weights of 10-15kg and the fixed-wing UAV with the same take-off weight. Equipped with NGH electric starter, it is suitable for take-off weight of 10-15kg vertical UAV.

GTT70 features
* Integrated welded single exit exhaust muffler, effectively improve and reduce noise
* Front Walbro carburetor, reliable operation and simple debugging
* CNC carved radial engine mount, more stable installation and less vibration
* Precision forged connecting rod with needle bearing
* Double nut locking output shaft
* RCEXL automatic timing synchronization ignition system, specially made for NGH
* RCEXL spark plug CM6
* High-quality bearings

Displacement: 34.95cc x 2
Bore: 37.3mm
Stroke: 32mm
Practical speed range: 1600-8000rpm
Output power: 7.9HP / 8300rpm
Engine weight: 2070g
Ignition weight: 150g
Ignition Power: DC 4.8V - 8.4V 1000mAh
Recommended propeller: 23x8-10, 24x8-10
Fuel: 93 # unleaded petrol + fully synthetic 2T lubricants
Lubrication ratio: Gasoline: Lubricant = 35: 1