• NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine
  • NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine
  • NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine
  • NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine

NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine

No. HP055-0003
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  • NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine
  • NGH GT25 two-stroke gasoline engine
  • Description
NGH have been known for producing high-quality gasoline engines. GT25 is a professional-grade two-stroke gasoline engine built by NGH engineers for RC enthusiasts, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance and plenty of power.

The GT25 has the installation size of the 120-level methanol engine, and its power is completely comparable to the 120-level methanol engine. It is suitable for RC aircraft with a take-off weight of 6-8KG, and is the best power configuration for the 91-120 RC aircraft.

The front carburetor can increase the air intake of the carburetor by the pressure of the propeller to achieve the purpose of increasing the engine power; when installing the RC aircraft, the front carburetor will not be interfered by the firewall; the connecting rod has a roller The needle bearing can better lubricate the pin; the cylinder liner is made of wear-resistant nodular cast iron, the roundness tolerance of the bore in the cylinder is within 0.01mm, and the accuracy is much higher than that of the aluminum alloy chrome plating cylinder liner. The roundness tolerance is 0.03mm, and the aluminum alloy is chrome plated In principle, the cylinder liner does not meet the EU environmental protection requirements; the engine air intake system adopts the crankshaft air intake method. The intake air intake opening and closing time is more accurate than the reed valve air intake method. The reed valve air intake method is because the reed itself The elastic delay time is different from the negative pressure of the crankcase, resulting in inaccurate opening and closing time of the intake air; optional surround exhaust pipe can effectively improve and reduce noise, and is well received by European and American RC enthusiasts.

GT25 Product Features
*Front Walbro carburetor, reliable operation and simple debugging
* Lightweight design, powerful power output and excellent reliability
*Double needle roller bearing CNC carved connecting rod
*Single nut output shaft, you can choose a variety of propellers
*RCEXL auto-advance micro-ignition system specially made for NGH
*High-quality bearings

Displacement: 25.09cc
Bore: 33.2mm
Stroke: 29mm
Practical speed range: 1600-11000rpm
Output power: 2.7HP / 8900rpm
Engine weight: 840g
Exhaust pipe weight: 80g
Igniter weight: 100g
Ignition power supply: DC 4.8V-8.4V 1000mAh
Recommended propeller: 15x10, 16x8, 16x10
Fuel: 93 # unleaded gasoline + two-stroke lubricant
Lubrication ratio: gasoline: lubricating oil = 25: 1

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