• VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher
  • VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher
  • VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher
  • VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher

VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher

No. HP0186.0008
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  • VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher
  • VIFLY Dual Camera Switcher
  • Description
Fast Camera Switching (Connecting Receiver Directly)
No matter it is PWM radio receiver on the airplane or the SBUS/IBUS/DSMX radio receiver on racing quad, VIFLY Cam Switcher has the ability to take the signal from both of them via our advanced program. Not like other products to take the racing quad signal through the flight controller, VIFLY Cam Switcher connects the receiver directly that minimizes transition time and gets faster response. It is the time to build your CheaterKwad for more fun.

Easy Setup and no Betaflight Configuration
Though SBUS/IBUS/DSMX radio receivers on racing quad lack PWM channel outputs, VIFLY Cam Switcher can take the signal from the receiver directly through its own algorithm. It doesn’t depend on the flight controller and no need to set the PINIO feature in Betaflight that the setting is very complicated for most of FPV fliers.

Compatible with Racing Quads and Airplanes
VIFLY Cam Switcher is a smart accessory to take the signal from PWM receiver and SBUS/IBUS/DSMX receiver. Now you can easily switch the two cameras on racing drone or RC plane.

Tiny and Lightweight
The size is super small, at only 9x18mm, it's also a great choice for micro quads and airplanes. The weight is 0.5g that almost has no impact on high performance models.

VIFLY Cam Switcher (Compatible with racing drone & airplane)
Weight: 0.5 grams
Size: 18x9 mm
Inputs: 2
Input Voltage: 4.2 - 25V
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