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RadioMaster - ER5A 2.4GHz 5Ch ExpressLRS ELRS PWM Horizontal pin receiver for planes cars boats

Item Code: HP0157.ER5A
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  • Description
Supports 8.4V HV servos and accessories
Robust, injection-molded receiver casing
Fast response speeds, incredible range
Supports 4 proportional and 1 switch channel (ExpressLRS 2.x)
Supports 5 proportional channels (ExpressLRS 3.x)
Compact size, easy to install. Perfect for Surface, marine, and air R/C applications.

Item: ER5A 2.4GHz RX
Power supply: DC 4.5-8.4V
Antenna type: high sensitivity T-shape antenna
Wireless Protocol: ELRS 2.0 pre-installed
Output channel ExpressLRS 2.x: CH1-4 standard PWM; CH5 switch (ON/OFF) PWM
Output channel ExpressLRS 3.x: CH1-5 standard PWM
Weight: 6.6 grams
Size: 37*19*13mm