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Tarot - X8 Professional Photography Survey UAV Octocopter Carbon Frame Kit - TL8X000

Item Code: HP143-0011
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Product Description
TAROT X8 is designed for professional Aerial Photographer. Includes electronic retractable landing gear, foldable arms and integrated PCB.
Equipped with eight power arms, Tarot X8 is applicable to 5D class camera.
Max takeoff weight: 10 KG.
Applicable working time: 12 minutes

Shaft diameter: 1050MM
Propeller: 15"  (Required)
Length/arm: 106G
Center board diameter: 338MM
Landing gear height: 391MM
Battery Specifications: 15C, 22.2V, 10000-2000MHA (Required)
6S brushless ESC: 40A (Required)
MAX Power Consumption: 4000W
Hovering Power Consumption: 1500W(9.5KG)
Hovering Time: 15MIN
Working Temperature: -10~40 degree
Weight: 2.7KG