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TGZ580 Flybarless FBL Controller for RC Heli Helicopter with Auto Recover Function

Item Code: HP003-0030
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  • Description
Size: 35*25*13.5mm
Weight without cable: 11g
Operating voltage: 4.0V-8.5 V DC (Lipo 2s possible)
Temperature range: -15℃ bis +40℃
Processor: 32Bit ARM
Analog processing: 17Bit
Sensor technology: 3 MEMS angular rate sensors
Can connect to the computer to adjust parameters.

Adjustable servo center pulse width:
Tail: 760US / 960US / 1520USخ

Adjustable servo pulse rate:
Tail: 50 Hz / 165 Hz / 270 Hz / 330 Hz / 560 Hz
Swashplate: 50 Hz / 65 Hz / 120 Hz / 200 Hz

Build-in swashplate mixer:
Mechanical / 90°/120°/140°/140°(1:1)

Serial pulse input:
PPM / S-BUS / SRXL / Spektrum-satellite


·Bail Out Rescue(Flashing Purple):      
In this mode, when the pilot feels confused about the orientation of the helicopter, he only needs to release the aileron/elevator stick and quickly turn on the preset attitude control switch to rescue the helicopter. The helicopter will turn to the front horizontal state according to the shortest path, and the pilot only needs to control the helicopter height through the pitch stick. Even if the attitude control is active, the pilot can still control the aileron and elevator. The priority of the pilot control command is higher than the attitude control command. The larger the stroke of the stick, the smaller the attitude control effect. In other words, if neither the aileron nor the elevator moves, the attitude control completely controls the two channels.
·Bail Out Rescue with Pitch control(Purple):
In addition to the same function of Bail Out Rescue mode, the pitch control is also added. When the attitude control is turning the helicopter, the positive or negative pitch will be added to keep the helicopter from lowering the altitude, and the hovering altitude will be maintained (slowly rising) after turning to the horizontal attitude. Therefore, when the pilot activates the attitude control, he can release all the rocker completely, and the helicopter will automatically turn to a relatively safe position. At this time, if the pitch stick travel exceeds the preset point of attitude control, the helicopter will accelerate to rise. At this time, the pitch stick is in the low stroke position to be locked, so you can never input the pitch corresponding to the preset point of attitude control. In conclusion, the helicopter will not accelerate to the ground due to wrong negative pitch.
·3D Mode(Flashing Red):
In 3D mode, TGZ580 senses the helicopter current attitude (front or back) and then moves the helicopter to the nearest horizontal position, which can be either a front or a back level. This mode is very suitable for practicing 3D stunt flight actions, because aileron and elevator stick inputs can override the attitude control in 3D mode, players can open 3D mode for a period of time to explore the control in a specific attitude. Attitude control will help you watch the aileron and elevator. The pilot only needs to control the tail rudder and pitch. Of course, some emergencies can also play an emergency role. However, it must be noted that the helicopter will only move to the nearest level. So you have to be very careful to control the pitch to prevent the helicopter from plummeting. If you want 3D mode for emergency use only, it is highly recommended to use 3D Mode With pitch.
·3D Mode With Pitch Control(Red):
Besides 3D mode pitch control is added. In addition to aileron control and elevator, attitude control is also involved in pitch control. When the helicopter is turned to the horizontal position (positive or negative), the attitude control will mix the positive pitch or negative pitch according to the positive and negative attitude of the helicopter to maintain the hovering height or slowly rise. At this time, the pitch to "wrong" travel will be locked. The pilot can only raise the helicopter by inputting additional pitch (positive pitch for frontal hover and negative pitch for reverse hover), but can't let it descend.
·Flight Trainer(Blue):
In the flight Trainer mode, the aileron and elevator stick inputs can only roll, pitch forward and recline the helicopter to a certain angle at most. If this mode is active, it is impossible to rotate the helicopter beyond this angle. This prevents the helicopter from being in a vertical ground attitude and from losing altitude quickly. As soon as the aileron and the elevator stick are released, the attitude control will pull the helicopter back to the horizontal attitude and maintain the stability of the helicopter throughout the whole process. This makes the helicopter much like a multi axis vehicle. The pilot doesn't need to concentrate on constantly correcting the flight attitude, because a large swing of the rocker won't change the helicopter to a very difficult position. Pitch and rudder are not affected by this mode.