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Zeez Design - Zeez Capish 5.5″ Racing Drone Frame

MSRP $74.99usd
Item Code: HP152-0002
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  • Description

The all new Zeez Capish is a 5.5" Ultra light weight durable FPV racing frame designed from the ground up with racers in mind. Quality components and a well thought out design means this drone frame will spend more time ripping packs and less time sitting on your work bench. If you want a podium finish, you need a Zeez Capish, Capish!


Zeez Capish 5.5″ Racing Drone Frame
Made with Japanese T700 top quality carbon
Fast ARM swap..takes less time than changing propellers!
Weight (including all hardware and FC standoffs): 79g
Dimension (motor to motor): 225mm

Package contents:
(4x) Arm 5.5”
(1x) Top Plate
(1x) Bottom Plate
(1x) Middle Plane
(2x) Adjustable camera mount plates
(4x) Standoff M3*25mm knurled aluminium
(4x) FC Standoff M3*4mm knurled aluminium
(4x) Hex socket Button Head Screw M3*6mm
(4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*4mm
(4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*14mm
(4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*10mm

User Manual

Zeez Capish 3D Printable STL library on Thingiverse! Don't forget to share your designs and use the ZEEZ tag!